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San Francisco, CA |

A relationship management tool that makes it easier for a defendant to maintain open lines of communication with public defenders, parole, and probation offices addressing the underlying issues of noncompliance unintentionally.


  • 1mm+ people are incarcerated each year for technical violations costing local governments $10+bln per year

  • Uptrust's services have created over 50% reduction in missed court dates for 500k+ users across 27 states

  • Unique business model does not charge the client or use geo-location services

Company Characteristics:

  • COVID has increased interest in reducing the number of people on probation or parole

  • SaaS business model supports a 90%+ gross margin

  • Solid traction and sales pipeline

  • Opportunity to expand into the larger probation and parole market in addition to launching a referrals service

  • Sharp and well-respected management team

EXIT - Uptrust was acquired by Fieldware in 2023

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