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Investment Thesis

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By Sabina Louise Pierce

The De-Carceration Fund invests in and supports innovative enterprises working to alleviate the suffering caused by the U.S. criminal justice system. Ours is a unique fund model focused on returning power to those who have been victimized by the "justice" system.

Our country's criminal justice system impacts 6.6 million people at a direct cost of more than $80 billion per year. This profoundly broken system is built on racial disparities, extractive business practices, and misaligned incentives. Nearly all the private sector's attempted solutions are similarly encumbered by divergent objectives and exploitative structures. The De-Carceration Fund is committed to non-extractive business models and aligned incentives that address the injustices of mass incarceration. Our fund takes a robust, multipronged approach by backing a diverse portfolio of ventures dedicated to ending the cycle of suffering.

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