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New York, NY |

A career and job platform designed to expedite the recruitment and hiring process between employers and people in the criminal justice system to help ensure that people have the social and economic stability of employment.


  • 650,000 people released each year and 75% remain unemployed one year after release

  • Research indicates that employment is top of mind for people with a history of incarceration

  • Aims to help 70mm people with a criminal record connect with and gain employment at fair-chance employers and non-profits

  • Business model that does not charge the person searching for employment

Company Characteristics:​

  • Top participant in TechStars incubator

  • Profitable business model at modest scale with low cost to acquire users

  • No dominant player in the market with a handful trying to build

  • Founder lived experience

  • Coachable and smart first-time entrepreneur

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