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Chicago, IL |

Edovo is dedicated to improving outcomes for the 2.2 million currently incarcerated individuals in the US, using technology to enable and improve educational programs and communication with supportive family members.


  • Studies show that a $1 investment in an educational program results in a $5 reduction in
    incarceration costs over three years. A RAND Corporation study further showed that inmates who participated in correctional education programs had 43 percent lower odds of recidivating than inmates who did not. Edovo provides electronic tablets to inmates to provide access to a host of curated educational content – allowing inmates to work on their GED, take electronic courses suggested by the inmate’s parole officer (such as a course in anger management), use goal-setting programs, and take online courses for college credit.

  • According to the Vera Institute, “Incarcerated men and women who maintain contact with supportive family members are more likely to succeed after their release...prison inmates who had more contact with their families and who reported positive relationships overall are less likely to be re-incarcerated.” Edovo has developed a new model for selling communications to inmates. This will result in a dramatic
    increase access and reduced costs to inmates.

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