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San Francisco, CA |

Social Imprints is a company that produces marketing materials, printed
garments, paper products, and accessories in a sweatshop free environment that employs at-risk individuals, such as ex-offenders and recovering drug addicts. In addition to providing an empowering workplace, Social Imprints also delivers a host of social services to their employees. These include an intensive training program to integrate these first-time office workers into a professional environment and providing assistance in securing housing, legal support, counseling and financial literacy training.


  • Eighty Percent of workforce at Social Imprints are from at-risk populations. These include formerly incarcerated individuals released within 2 years, Individuals recovering from substance abuse, who have been sober 2+ years, low-income individuals who’ve been on and off public assistance, individuals with less than a high school education, and veterans discharged within 5 years.

  • Support services funded by Social Imprints for its employees include counseling, self-improvement, and educational training opportunities. Each employee receives a wage consistent with or exceeding comparable in-market promotional products companies. Individuals are annually selected by a vote of fellow employees to be part of Social Imprints profit sharing incentive which offers added compensation based on profits.

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