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Ethical Disruption of the Criminal Justice System

The De-Carceration Fund invests in and supports innovative enterprises working to alleviate the suffering caused by the U.S. criminal justice system. Ours is a unique fund model focused on returning power to those from whom it has been taken.
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There are currently 2.3M incarcerated individuals in the US. Each inmate costs ~$35K per year.
It is estimated that incarceration indirectly costs society ~$260B.
Private companies make ~$7B from prisons. ~$3B of this is paid directly by families of incarcerated individuals.
However, 50%+ of incarcerate individuals end up back in prison within 3 years.
Individual Costs
Indirect Costs
Private Profit
The Economics of Incarceration
Funding currently perpetuates an expensive and failing system.


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The Opportunity

Prevent Entry. Reduce Suffering. End the Cycle.
Prevent Entry.

Gun Control/Cash Bail/Foster Care/ Law Enforcement Reform/

Domestic Violence/Public Safety

Reduce Suffering.

Juvenile Justice/Legal Cost/Prison Programming/Family Support/Sentence Reduction/Reform & Rehabilitation

End the Cycle.
Support Services/Employment Opportunities/Entrepreneurial Resources/Parole Systems/Reduction of Technical Violations
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